Fast and Effective

Upload and view your local files or remote documents using Ajax, jQuery, HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Share Your Documents

Send your document links to friends or colleagues. Annotate, search and print your documents.

No Installations

View your files instantly without installing anything. No need to sign-up to view files and sharing is absolutely free!

PDF Reader

Our PDF viewer does not require additional software to view or read any Adobe Acrobat PDF document.

DWG Viewer

Our CAD viewer is free, as is our Autocad DWG file viewer.

Excel Viewer

Our online Excel viewer can open multiple formats, being a microsoft excel reader can work as an XLS online reader and XLSX reader.

Word Reader

Our Word reader is a versatile solution for utilizing as a Word reader or docx viewer. This docx opener allows you to access your files effortlessly.

Powerpoint Viewer

Our PowerPoint viewer provides the flexibility you need. Our Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer is a light Microsoft PPT viewer.

PSD File Viewer

You can use our PSD viewer to view your PSD file online. This PSD document viewer does not need any Adobe Photoshop plugin.

Supported Formats

View Microsoft Word DOC / DOCX

View Microsoft Excel XLS / XLSX

View Microsoft Powerpoint PPT / PPTX

View Drawing File DWG / DXF

View Adobe Acrobat PDF
View Tagged Image File TIFF
View Rich Text RTF
View Adobe Photoshop PSD
View Extensible Markup Language XML
View HTML files
View TXT Text File
View Multiple Other Formats

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