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You can now view powerpoint slides online with no installations of any kind. Just upload the powerpoint file and see it on-the-fly right from the webpage (both .ppt and office 2010 or 2011 .pptx) even on a computer which does not have microsoft office installed. Our ajax based office document viewer will solve all problems of viewing powerpoint documents without microsoft office!. You can easily integrate this user control within your websites or dms software which requires users to browse ppt documents online. Try free demo today! No more client side installations!, it works on cross browsers. Just click and view, on the fly. Fast, Secured, Easy as 1-2-3! The best online ppt viewer, which will allows website users to view ppt and pptx files online right from the web browser!

The best browser based powerpoint file slideshow viewer that can view .ppt, .pptx documents slides online right from your browser. No need to install microsoft office or any kind of activeX or software to view microsoft word (.doc and .docx), excel (.xls and .xlsx), powerpoint (.ppt and pptx). No plugins required! Easily view powerpoint files online from your web browser! If you are looking for a powerful web based slides viewer for your document management software then our web ppt document viewer is the ultimate choice. Our ajax document viewing technology requires no client side installations or activeX.

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