Online Excel Viewer

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We provide an excellent cloud based service to view Microsoft Excel (XLS/XLSX) workbook / worksheets online. Using our free online excel viewer, you can easily upload your Microsoft excel file / document and view it directly online, without installing any kind of software or creating an account. Apart from this there is also an option to export excel sheet to pdf.

Not just the free online viewer; we also allow this software to be used directly in your .NET project as a .NET Excel viewer control. It is now possible integrate our full fledged and robust C# .net xls viewer control within your Asp.Net, .NET core, MVC, Docker or Blazor projects and allow users to upload and view Microsoft Excel Workbook / Worksheets.

There are numerous real world applications like document management systems (DMS), CRM portals, e-Learning portals which can benefit from our .NET C# online excel viewer. It is extreemly easy to integrate and tweak the user interface (UI/UX) to match your website's look and feel.